As most people are now aware Embroidered patches are becoming more fashionable. Clothes which did not fit in, or were only used once or twice are now being revamped and recycled with the use of an embroidered patch. Fashion designers are now coming up with their own designs to embellish their products.. However there are many designs out there already made and of good quality which for £2-£5.00 can be used to transform an item of clothing or a bag..

Below is a messenger bags which costs around £8.00 which has been revitalised by the use of a small £3.00 patch..bagandrosebeige bagandflagblack   Coverted from a useful but tatty looking messenger bag to a fashion item for everyday use (and hardwearing too..)

Our latest designs include the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland whiterabbitpatch and a very iconic moon face patch moonandstarspatch or you can make a statement message using the variety of message patches available, some humourous , some serious dontfollowmepatch backbypopulardemandpatch or use patches from where you come from brightonpatch yorkshirerosenewpatch

Patches cover the whole range of countries, styles and interests… prides itself on its quality and also its keen pricing, but is also constantly coming up with new designs