More Flowers. Rainbow

We now have in stock the latest in our flower range.

A brightly embroidered pair (Left and Right) of Rainbow Flowers .. sized at 12cm high these are great for clothing, bags , and many other items. They are Iron On / Sew On and are cut out so that your background shows through. Priced competitively at £4.99 ( whilst stocks last)


Flowers for you

We all love flowers (well most of us) and as well as the Rose (10cm x 12.5cm)we have now added two more designs ….the Sunflower (10cm x 8.5cm)

and the Hibiscus (10cm x 10.5cm)

and of course out Thistle Patch (Pack of 2 L/R – 12cm x 7cm each)

all in great colours, embroidered (not printed) all available from our website (

New designs from Klicnow

We have several new designs now available from klicnow

You may not not know but we have a very comprehensive range of patches featuring virtually every Country flag, Counties and some towns.. these look great on jackets, and bags  Our latest is a tourist patch featuring the Welsh National Park of Snowdonia   but we have many others..Check us out at

Get the Message

Message patches have been popular since time began, and all kinds of expressions have been used to identify or protest.

Some we have reissued including , environmental , anti war or just plain offensive 

Of course in this modern technological age other relevant designs are now available..  and of course  

Whatever your message there will be  a patch somewhere to express your point of view.


As most people are now aware Embroidered patches are becoming more fashionable. Clothes which did not fit in, or were only used once or twice are now being revamped and recycled with the use of an embroidered patch. Fashion designers are now coming up with their own designs to embellish their products.. However there are many designs out there already made and of good quality which for £2-£5.00 can be used to transform an item of clothing or a bag..

Below is a messenger bags which costs around £8.00 which has been revitalised by the use of a small £3.00 patch..bagandrosebeige bagandflagblack   Coverted from a useful but tatty looking messenger bag to a fashion item for everyday use (and hardwearing too..)

Our latest designs include the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland whiterabbitpatch and a very iconic moon face patch moonandstarspatch or you can make a statement message using the variety of message patches available, some humourous , some serious dontfollowmepatch backbypopulardemandpatch or use patches from where you come from brightonpatch yorkshirerosenewpatch

Patches cover the whole range of countries, styles and interests… prides itself on its quality and also its keen pricing, but is also constantly coming up with new designs

More stripes

Striped leggings have always been very popular, and we sell quite a lot , however we have now teamed up with Pamela Mann who are manufacturing a far better quality product exclusively for us, in the U.K, which wash well and remain in better condition after use.. They are also cut better and the stripes line up instead of going around the legs like a helter skelter..


Admittedly they do cost a little more than the standard products on the market, but they are worth it..


Day of The Dead

What is this? No its not me waking up after a hard day’s night…Day of the Dead is a religious holiday mainly celebrated in central and southern Mexico on November 1 & 2. This is becoming more popular globally, although not because of the religious aspects but purely for the fun, colour and spectacle and it coincides with Halloween.

Mrs Barrett has now created an exclusive Hand Made Bunting to decorate your “Day of the Dead” event, which as far as we know, is the only Sugar skull bunting anywhere? buntingsugarskull